We research the most innovative, safe and effective ingredients.
We determine the best synergy of components for specific needs.
We offer high-quality science-based finished products. View more
Giellepi Ingredients has a solid background and technological competences in handling a wide range of raw materials developed over many years. We use our know-how to help our customers overcome development challenges and build strong brands. View more
The Health Science Division focuses on creating innovative products starting from the processing of raw materials up to design and development of ready-to-market finished goods. View more
We hold in high regard the publication of our studies as well as the constant updating of our staff through reading the international literature relating to the areas in which we focus our research and development activities. View more
A new Research and Development Center will soon be ready. This new center will have:
- Fully equipped modern laboratory - Staff with medical and scientific expertise
- Team dedicated to the research and development of innovative formulations. View more
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