We aim to be able to respond quickly and competently chiefessays.net to the expectations of our customers, by offering unique services and products. For this reason, our team includes highly skilled persons with technical and scientific expertise who are professional and passionate about what they do.


Here is our team:


Managing Director
Coordinates the activities and makes strategic decisions. 


Research & Development Manager
Responsible for developing new products and driving innovation in accordance with the company’s strategy. Consolidates and ensures the growth of  scientific and technical know-how.


Quality Assurance Manager
Determines in-house quality-control procedures, standards and specifications. Assesses customers’ needs. Adheres to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management standards.


Regulatory Affairs Officer
Ensure the appropriate licensing, marketing and legal compliance of nutritional supplements, medical devices and medical foods.


Scientific Officer
Supports all scientific activities of the theessayclub.com/ company including research projects, in vitro and clinical studies, scientific development and innovation.


Technical Service and Artwork Specialist
Manages the supply chain of finished products and supervises artwork.


Commercial Manager
Manages sales activities and partner relationships within the Ingredients Division.


Accounts Manager
Responsible for financial and management control.


Purchasing and Logistic Manager
Manages the supply chain for raw materials.


Strategic Business Development Manager
Develops strategic national and international partnerships.


Sales & Marketing
Develops innovative marketing activities and commercial relationships.


Marketing Manager
Develops promotional marketing activities and partner relationships.