Natural fermented red yeast rice for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia FOTO CUORE ROSSOPURO

High blood cholesterol levels are an important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Red rice extract fermented with the yeast Monascus purpureus is a natural remedy useful for reducing blood cholesterol levels. The fermentation process leads to the production of monacolin K, a secondary metabolite of M. purpureus. Monacolin K is an analogue of lovastatin with the same chemical structure and biological activity, and is able to inhibit the enzymatic activity of hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA (HMGCoA) reductase, which is involved in the endogenous biosynthetic pathway of cholesterol. Fermented red yeast rice has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of circulatory disorders, and is increasingly also being used as a remedy in Western countries. A huge number of preclinical and clinical studies published in indexed, scientific journals confirms its efficacy and safety.

  • Giellepi developed ROSSOPURO®, a premium all-natural red yeast rice, with a standardized content of monacolin K, for the maintenance of normal blood LDL-cholesterol concentration.
  • ROSSOPURO® is a granular powder with an intense red color and characteristic odor and flavor. It is available in two commercial concentrations of monacolin K (1,5% and 3%).
  • ROSSOPURO® can be used for the production of food supplements (tablets, capsules, sachets). A large number of preclinical and clinical studies, published in scientific indexed journals, confirms red yeast rice efficacy and safety.
  • ROSSOPURO®  Claim available for food supplements containing 10 mg of monacolin K: “Monacolin K from red yeast rice contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol level”.
  • ROSSOPURO® is produced according to international standards of quality and safety and it is:
    – Not treated with ionizing radiation
    – No GMO
    – Without food allergens
    – Gluten free
    – In compliance with the current EU legislation on chemical and biological contaminants.

LOGO usminPlus

 Proprietary flavonoids complex with enhanced bio-efficacy

  • µSMIN® Plus – Diosmin is widely used for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and other vascular disorders (ulcers, hemorrhoids, and  varicose veins) for its phlebotonic and vascular-protecting activity, safety and tolerability. Several preclinical and clinical studies have  documented the activity and efficacy of diosmin.
  • µSMINPlus® – is a specially formulated product consisting of micronized diosmin manufactured through a semisynthetic procedure from hesperidin. It is processed with an innovative buffering system that enhances the technological profile. The product is in granular form with good flowability and it results particularly suitable for tablets production.
  • µSMINPlus® is a non-irradiated, gluten free raw material without allergens or GMOs; it is manufactured according to quality standards and international guidelines about GMP. Levels of solvents and contaminants are below the legislative limits.
  • µSMINPlus® consists mainly of micronized diosmin and its characteristic formulation makes the product highly bioavailable. µSMIN Plus™ is an ingredient suitable for food supplements according to guidelines of the Italian Ministry of Health.
  • µSMINPlus® is an easily compressible raw material, suitable for manufacturing capsules, tablets, and granulates. Applications include food supplements and medical devices for symptomatic treatment of CVI and, in general, to improve microcirculation and vascular tropism.


 Poolzyme AMY™           apparato digerente giellepi

  • Poolzyme Amy™ is a blended enzyme formula containing essential digestive enzymes needed to ensure the efficiency of digestion. This enzyme blend can be used in a variety of applications. It is formulated by selecting enzymes active throughout the entire gastrointestinal (GI) tract, at body temperature and pH variations occurring in the GI tract; in this way the effectiveness of each enzyme is maximized.
  • Poolzyme Amy™, for its high technological scientific formulation, is the ideal ingredient for food supplements aimed to support digestive function. It aids in the breakdown of food allowing the absorption of different nutrients and helps to maintain a balanced diet.
  • Poolzyme Amy™ is indicated in the treatment of malabsorption syndrome and in all circumstances where a deficiency of digestive enzymes exists, particularly for individuals with chronic or transient digestive disorders, pathologic conditions or prolonged pharmacological treatments.
  • Poolzyme Amy™ is manufactured according to quality standards and international guidelines related to GMP. It meets all current applicable EU regulations regarding undesirable substances and is considered food-grade material. It is derived from non-genetically modified organisms. Finally, because each enzyme included in Poolzyme Amy™ is derived from microorganisms, the product does not contain animal products.