Alga technologies
Alga technologies is a world leader in the production and supply of AstaPure®, a premium natural astaxanthin that is one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants sourced from the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis.


Amamericanlaboratorieserican laboratories

American Laboratories is dedicated to being the market leader in the supply of quality products derived from animal sources to the pharmaceutical, human and animal nutrition, food and diagnostic industries.



ANAGENIXAnagenix is a natural ingredients company supplying scientifically supported ingredients derived from New Zealand’s pristine environment to the nutraceutical, and functional food and beverages industries.  Anagenix maintains strong connections with suppliers, research and science providers, US and New Zealand universities, industrial process engineers and regulatory experts in the development of products.     Actazin™


Arjuna Natural Extracts
Arjuna Natural Extracts is India’s leading company specialized in scientific methods of identification, separation and manufacturing of plant-based active compounds from marine and vegetable source. Its main products are BCM-95® (Biocurcumin), extract of Boswellia serrata and many other natural extracts.     curcugreen™   akbamax

Davisco, business unit of Agropur inc.

Davisco, business unit of Agropur inc. is a pioneer in whey protein isolate research, and produces 10 million lbs. of whey protein isolates annually as well as 370 million lbs. of cheese annually. Davisco is the industry leader in technology and production, accounting for 65% of whey protein isolates sold worldwide. Davisco has made it a mission to lead the industry in food technology by producing innovative proteins for health and nutrition.




dupontDanisco – DuPont

Danisco is a world leader in food ingredients, enzymes and biological solutions.
The DuPont™ Danisco® portfolio includes probiotics, phytosterol, vitamin K, betaine, prebiotic fibre, xylitol and lactitol ingredients that respond consumers’ desires for health-promoting products.


India GlycolsEnnature Biopharma (India Glycols)
Ennature Biopharma, a division of India Glycols, is an innovative natural products company that develops novel methods for extracting phyto-ingredients from natural sources. Their current product portfolio includes carotenoids, natural flavors, stabilizers, phytochemicals and health supplements.
India Glycols is the largest producer of ginger extract, lutein and coleus by eco-friendly technology.

Enzymotec develops, manufactures and markets clinically-validated, biofunctional, lipid-based compounds. These compositions address a wide spectrum of growing consumer demands; including optimal early development and supplementation for nutritional balance, peak performance, and other dietary needs.

Lesaffre Human Care, produces stable probiotic yeasts (S. cerevisae) and bacteria (B. subtilis); nutritional yeasts fortified with selenium, chromium or zinc, inactivated yeasts, and yeast fractions rich in glutathione, B vitamins and beta-glucans.

morinaga milk logoMorinaga
Morinaga supplies functional food ingredients, including probiotics, lactoferrin, milk peptides and lactulose (prebiotics), developed from long, in-depth research on infant formula, infant intestinal health and mother’s milk.