Giellepi S.p.A. consists of two divisions: Ingredients and Health Science.


Ingredientsingredients-division-pic-giellepi Giellepi Ingredients has a solid background and technological competences in handling a wide range of raw materials developed over many years. We use our know-how to help our customers overcome development challenges and build strong brands. Thanks to our wide network of ingredients suppliers, we are able to offer premium quality products, new market concepts, science-based solutions and branded opportunities within a consistent, high-quality commercial supply. At Giellepi, we particularly take care of the science behind the ingredients, investing in research to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the solutions we provide. We support our customers with full documentation including product specification sheets, safety datasheets (MSDS) and certificates of analysis. Our highly qualified personnel is also able to manage regulatory and registration issues. Our unsurpassed mix of expertise, resources and services has given Giellepi a prominent position in the pharmaceutical, health and wellness markets.



 Health Sciencegiellepi philosophy The Health Science Division is focused on creating innovative products starting from the processing of raw materials up to design and development of ready-to-market finished goods. To increase the value behind our formulations, we conduct in vitro and in vivo studies as well as double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials that document our products’ safety and efficacy. Furthermore, we present our results at national and international conferences and in papers published in scientific journals. Due to our research-based model, we are able to provide pharmaceutical companies with complementary, preventive healthcare products for their portfolio. Thus, Giellepi is an ideal partner for pharmaceutical companies, and major domestic and international pharmaceuticals companies have relied on the collaboration of Giellepi Health Science for many years generating successful products.


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